Ah, the dreaded “To Be Continued.”  You’ll note, somewhere down the page, that the ashcan version of this page similarly “leaves you hanging.”

It left me hanging for more than a couple years.  Not that I’m bitter.

You, on the other hand, having just gotten to the end of “Issue One” of Levi’s World, have only a week to wait!  That’s right, no pauses, no filler, no disappearing into the ether for four years *cough*baujahr*cough* or anything like that.  We finish part one and move right on schedule to part two.

Sadly, I think the extras might have dried up for that.  But I’ll try to do something else to make it up for (if not next week then soon-ish).  And, as always, I’ll be here babbling away underneath the strips about memories and whatnot.

But, in the meantime, here it is, the final missing page of the original Levi’s World Ashcan #1.