Little.  Yellow.  Different.

So Levi emails me earlier this week and says, “I think we should post all the pages this Thursday that actually get us into Levi’s World proper.”  Which was already my plan, but I’m glad he felt that way too.

Because this is IT.  This is what the story is really about.  Xavier crosses over to his new home.  His new family.  Or at least he thinks he has.

Like the little guy in the corner says, “And so it begins.”

Speaking of beginnings, since I feel like it’s an appropriate time, Levi was gracious enough to provide the very first logo design for Levi’s World.

Humble beginnings.  But if I compared it to the drawings I used to do as a kid in my hope to be a comic artists one day, it looks far less humble.

And who is that guy presenting us with the logo?  Patience…