I don’t have kids (so far), but some of my favorite people do (or are kids themselves).  One of those people, Cisco, is also a teacher, and way back when she and Chris started having kids, I remember her teaching me the phrase “use your words.”

Now, this may’ve existed when I was a child, but I don’t think anyone ever accused me of not fulfilling my word count each day.  And then some.  But as I was getting to the era of having to consider the things I do as an example to the new crop of humans coming into my life, I started to pick up stuff like this more and more.  And I use it even with adult-type humans too in my career, where people are hesitant to ask for things or just say things outright sometimes.  Which is weird, because it often produces the quickest path to the desired result.

This post was brought to you by the Letters ‘C’ and ‘J’ and by the Number ‘4.’

Speaking of “Think and Do” pages, here’s the inside back cover of the original ashcan.  Fun!