Fittingly enough.  You’d think we planned this.

Well, obviously, Levi did.  He planned all of this.  The comic you’re reading is all from the crazy brain of one Levi Krause.

Mostly.  But we’ll get to that.

But what of Levi, eh?  The mysterious force behind all things Don’t Ask Comics?  When he’s not watching Star Trek: TNG reruns I mean.  What do we know of him?

Well, being the lazy sort myself (although I’m usually watching Veronica Mars instead), I’ll take you back to 1996 when an actual interviewer actually interviewed our actual interviewee.  Wee as in “wee, cute, small Levi… with hair!!”

Levi Article

If you look carefully, you can see a stuffed Xavier doll on Levi’s drawing desk.  At least I assume it’s a doll.  Levi’s imagination is so vivid, the characters may’ve started manifesting around him.

But I’ve said too much.  LOOK!  It’s the ashcan version of page #1!

LevisWorld-Ashcan95-1…eerily similar…