Not a dream!  Not a hoax!  Not a cheese-induced phantasm!


My friends, this has been a long (LONG!) time coming.  I give you…




And by that I mean, yes, this is going to be the landing place (but hopefully not the only one) for the classic Levi’s World comic from the 90s.  The original comic by Levi Krause, with some guests and friends along for the ride.  The graphic novel collection that is so hard to find because I keep buying up every copy I can get my grubby mitts on!

But it’s going to be more than that.  We are going to bring you as much as we possibly can about the story behind the story.  The art behind the artist.  The stuff that you never saw, or couldn’t find, or only existed in a fever dream.  We have that stuff!  And it’ll all be here as we go along, posting page after page until we run out of pages.  And then..?

Well, we don’t know what “and then” will be.  Yet.


But this is it!  This is where you can find out who those wacky three characters were that sang about Baujahr’s hat.  Remember Baujahr?  Yeah, he’s probably going to need a refresher when he hits his 20 year mark too.  But that’s another site.

So if you’ve been a lifelong fan of Levi, of his seminal work, or if you’ve never heard of him at all and just fell to this site by some clickbait advertisement on Twitter, welcome!  We’re definitely glad to have you along for the ride!


And now, like I promised, here’s a total throw-back.  The original cover to the original Levi’s World #1 Ashcan Edition!  Do you remember ashcans?  They’re kind of like pogs, only with less value.

And then, just because we’re feeling really spiffy about this whole thing, here’s the colorized cover of the later totally redone Issue #1!


Wow!  That makes me feel a little dizzy and sick.  But in a good way!


So there we have it, folks!  The start of the thing that started way back before we knew it was a thing but knew it was a thing we were looking to start.  (Don’t mind me.  I’m a little giddy.)


Keep reading, and enjoy!