Total rip, I say.

Speaking of things being cheaper in the 90s, the officially distributed through Diamond version of Levi’s World #1 was priced at $2.95.  Which, compared to today, is four cents cheaper than an issue of Saga from Image Comics.  Now, I’m not saying Levi’s World is creatively worth as much as an issue of Saga…

…I’m saying that it’s worth roughly four cents less.  Which ain’t a bad deal in anyone’s book.

I can not, for the life of me, remember what we charged for the ashcan.  I do remember selling it through our store, Comic City, a place I was lucky enough to be managing for the astoundingly great people Bob and Jill Smethers.  This is actually both where and how I got to meet Levi and Rebecca.

I was taking the daily deposits into our bank before store opening one day, and the teller that worked there (whose name I sadly cannot remember) knew I worked for a comic shop.  And she excitedly started telling me about her cousin Rebecca and her husband Levi.  Levi drew comics!  I worked at a comic store!  I should carry Levi’s comics!

This is not often how these things work.  I’ve worked at three different comics stores by now in my life, and in each of them I’ve had people come in that make comics and tell me how lucky I am that they’re giving me the opportunity to carry them and sell them in my shop!  Sadly, a lot of them weren’t of the far left side of Not Very Good.

But, sure, I would meet up with her cousin’s spouse and speak to him about his comic (which she’d misidentified as being called “Rebecca’s World”).  Why not.  Could be fun to talk to an artist, as I was trying to get myself off the launching pad as a writer at the time, and how lucky are you that I’m giving you the opportunity to carry my comics in your shop!

What happened then?  I don’t remember.  Here’s page two from the ashcan though.