Right?  Because it’s Part 2?  It’s both funny and relevant to today’s audience, correct?

(Honestly, the only actual worthwhile reference to that movie is this.)

But here we are, about to start the second chapter of Levi’s World!  And while I won’t move us along to page one of the story today (“aaaawww!”), I will give you the cover and some extra bits.  And you kinda’ sorta’ get to meet Zak, and big ol’ foil that will be introduced into the story.  It’s like a preview!

Here are some extra bits for you to help tide you over though.  Like the original ashcan version of #2’s cover.


And the inside front cover from Moordam.

LevisWorld-2-InsideFrontCoverAnd, if you’re interested, the original line art for the cover.



…I mean, I suppose I could’ve gone with “The Wrath of Zak.”  But, no.  If you can go Boogaloo, you always go Boogaloo.