Ah, remember swirlies and how fun they were?

No?  Well, yeah, not a lot of kind things can be said about them if you were ever on the receiving end of one (in all my awkward nerdiness, I managed to miss out on that merit badge).  But they did help make the “wet look” popular when I was a teenager in the 80s.  Fashion by necessity I guess.

Also, why did public restrooms at school have all the graffiti?  I’m not saying that I’m surprised kids want to show off their artistic side, while breaking the rules at the same time.  But man, I did my best to never use the bathroom at school.  In fact, I can’t say that I ever saw the inside of any of ours, save the one for gym, my entire four years of high school.  But my point is, who is hanging out in there long enough to draw weird pictures or post crass notes and phone numbers?  Were the kids not getting enough fiber?  Was this, like, Fonzie’s office at Arnold’s?  And, since I’m not a school-aged hooligan myself (any more), has this all be made obsolete by the introduction of smart phones?  Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all that cheese last night, but I’ve got Pokémon to lure and catch so I’ll be just fine.

…not that I do that now.  *whistles casually*