While Levi’s World would later be published by Moordam Comics, and finally the full collection would come from Comics Library International, the original home was, and now again is, Don’t Ask Comics.  And this, I think, is the first time we see in the comic the Don’t Ask shout-out!

It’s also (again, I think, if I’ve been paying enough attention) the first time we see The Hitmen in the background, looking for Rufus.  These two are one of the standouts from the original Levi’s World poster(s) I used to stare at in the comic shop.  Just one of the myriads of backstories that I hope we get to explore all of some day with the various strips and comics on the site.  Never say never I suppose.

Levi once sent me a “cast” packet for the comic, and I have little sketches and snippets about many of the characters you’ve seen so far or will see coming up.  I’ve thought about putting the pages up here, and maybe will, but only when I don’t feel like they’re revealing too much story to come.  At the time I got them, all I had was the ashcan and scans of what became issue 2.  FUN FACT: The picture I posted in the Preroll for this site of Glen in the corner of his room was included in that package as well, but apparently never made it into any of the actual comics when they saw print.  I later got permission from Levi to use it for some t-shirts I had printed for some friends one holiday (I sent him one as well).  It’s long been a favorite of mine.

And if you ever wanted to know what getting a letter in the mail from Levi is like, it’s kind of magical in its own right.  This is the kind of thing I’d see when I’d open up some random envelope from him:

corey 01

corey 03
All these Loot Crates and Boxes-of-the-Month ain’t got nothing on the stuff I get.  But, to be fair, they’re more of a “…once in a blue moon…” for of thing.