Much like an elephant.

Therefore, simple logic dictates that Zak must secretly be an elephant.  Which would help explain his massive size.

To resolve things, Glen, I recommend you toss peanuts on the ground in front of him.  While he’s drawn to them and distracted, you may take your leave.*

The same thing works with me, except you replace peanuts with Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies.  Or regular brownies.  Or Little Debbie anything.  Or Hostess.  Or Dolly Madison, you remember them?  Only advertised when they’d do those classic Peanuts cartoons during the holidays, but boy, were they ever good!  Which brings us back to using Peanuts as a distraction I guess.  Maybe just pop in a copy of “Snoopy Come Home” and see what happens.  If nothing else, you can bond over the story of a boy’ love for his missing dog.  While eating Zingers.  And maybe drinking a Faygo Red Pop.

*potential spoilers for page 16…  No, not really.