Ladies and gentlemen, Mikie Beople.

Now, Mikie and the Beople’s in general, were actually a comic before Levi’s World proper (as I understand it at least).

*scans through incredulously large amounts of files*

Got it!

(may be faint)

Lots of Beoples

Anyways, as we get to know Mikie, I’ll try to add some more of his original appearances here in the blog.

Also, you should take this opportunity to go check out Scott Hall’s comic Rubba Teets which Levi just did a guest strip for.  You might (or should) recognize Scott from his other stellar works, including SHaLK here at the Don’t Ask Comics site, which he and Levi play ‘tag’ on (with absolutely no sense of scheduling or urgency).

…sure would be nice to get some guest art from Scott for the Levi’s World blog.  ‘m just saying.

Meanwhile, here’s this page from the ashcan.